Pamela Redd was pledged and pinned Nu Beta in Winter '84 - crossing into the sorority on March 5th with the line Special Edition. Pamela's line name is Champagne, and she is a 3rd generation legacy with her grandmother having pledged Alpha Pi Chapter at Clark College, and her mother pledging Pi Chapter at Fisk University. Having grown up as a 'Honey Don't" in Atlanta's Kappa Omega graduate chapter, she could not wait to become an AKA and was thrilled to discover that she could do so as a freshman at Georgia Tech.

Pamela was excited to have such beautiful women as her line sisters: Ivy Harris (Ivy Beyond the Wall), Leatta Phillips, Vivienne Vaughn Clark, Julie Knowles Gordon, and Lisa Harris Gaines. Pamela considers these women as smart, kind and wonderful to enter into the sisterhood with. As an undergrad, she held several offices in Nu Beta and also served as a member of the International Undergraduate Activities Committee, for which she was appointed by the South Atlanta Region's then Regional Director, the 23rd Supreme Basileus, Soror Mary Shy Scott.

Pamela  graduated Georgia Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering, and she has been continuously active all these years. First joining the chapter where her mother was active, Pi Alpha Omega, transferring when she moved to Los Angeles and of course, returning to Pi Alpha Omega upon her return to Atlanta. Pamela has served in many ways as a graduate Soror, committee chairs, chapter offices, and foundation board member. Service to Alpha Kappa Alpha is a lifelong commitment, and she is grateful to have had women in and out of Nu Beta always surrounding her through many of life's biggest moments.

Pamela's fond and wonderful memories of Nu Beta include 1) Little Lea being kidnapped by the Ques, 2) Being AWOL to Big Sister Mimi's house for 24 hours and returning to campus as if nothing happened. 3) The ding we put in somebody's car falling asleep at the wheel while driving across campus (fortunately no one was hurt). 4) Living in the house on campus 5) Improv at the AKA house

She, along with her line sisters celebrated their 30th anniversary this past March, and she is proud to be a Silver Star and Life Member of our illustrious Sorority.

Pamela is an owner of a software training firm, The ReddRaven Group (her business partner is also a Soror). She is married to Bruce Redd, and although she I doesn't have an Ivy in her bunch, she says her 3 boys, Lawson, Stanford, and Davis all better marry AKAs!